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Ruike P662-B Folding Knife

The Ruike P662 is compact and strong EDC knife, with good balance, portability and functionality. Its high flat ground blade can deal with most of cutting or whittling chores. A standoff in the rear end of the handle offers compatibility with lanyards making using the pocket clip optional. This little knife fits nicely into pockets or wherever else users prefer.

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Ruike P661-B Folding Knife

The Ruike P661-B is a slim and light-weight pocket knife for daily use. Because of its weight and modest size you might think that you use this knife for the smaller tasks. Nothing could be further from the truth! The blade is 7.3 cm long. You can do quite a lot with it! Think of opening boxes, but also when peeling an apple.Made from 14C28N-steel. Stainless steel from Sweden. It retains its sharpness well and is also easy to sharpen. The handle is made from G10. A light-weight composite material made from glass fibres and plastic. Incredibly strong and offers enough grip. With a reassuring click the linerlock locks the blade when opened.The Ruike P661 is a light-weight pocket knife for an amazing price. It will be difficult to find more value for your money, it is what Ruike excels at. The fact that in return you also get your hands on an incredibly good and beautifully shaped piece of design is a big plus.

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Ruike P671-CB Folding Knife

The Ruike P671-CB Folding Knife is fitted with a front flipper and thumb stud design. It has a blade length of 70mm and is designed to be compact, convenient and practical. It uses 14C28N stainless steel, ensuring that you’re getting a high quality durable product that will perform any task you require.

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Ruike P155-B Flipper Folding Knife

The Ruike P155-B Fliper Folding Knife is ergonomically designed in both the handle and the blade. The blade is 90mm in length. It is designed to be comfortable, as well as functional in a wide array of tasks. It weighs 145g and boasts a safety lock to ensure that the user is safe while using the knife. It uses Sandvik 14C28N Steel, resulting in extreme hardness and durability.

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Ruike P852-B Flipper Folding Knife

The Ruike P852-B has a sufficient blade thickness and properly recurved long edge with a bulked out belly, the P852B shows great ability both in piercing and slicing. For added dependability in outdoor or tactical uses, the P852B is secured with Thumb Up safety lock to be more reliable in protecting users, and additionally more powerful in handling difficult situations. Weight 162 Grams.

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Ruike P848-B Folding Knife

The Ruike P848-B is For EDC tool fans seeking safe to carry knives, P848B is worth recommending. Without any projecting parts like a flipper or thumb stud on the blade that may cause accidental blade opening, the P848B is easy to carry. Utilizing an easy to operate nail nick, P848B still offers smooth blade deployment thanks to the built in roller bearing washer. The G10 handle is improved to be more tough and resistant to corrosion with blue titanium coated stainless steel liner. Weight 104 grams.

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Ruike P138-B Flipper Folding Knife

The Ruike P138-B is a durable tanto blade. The 90mm blade is made from 14C28N stainless steel, which results in a durable blade that holds its edge well. The blade also boasts a liner lock to ensure the users safety while in use.

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Ruike P841-L Flipper Folding Knife

The Ruike P841-L meets the demands of outdoor lovers and knife enthusiasts. Besides the flipper, the knife is fitted with a thumbstud in each side of the blade, making it ambidextrous. In addition, the ball bearing pivot makes the blade deployment smooth and fast. The locking mechanism which consists of a stainless steel liner lock and a back safety lock is highly reliable for locking the blade open. The 90 mm long blade offers a fine tapered tip to pierce and a long blade point to slice. For a positive grip, the G10 handle is properly textured and contoured. Weight 140 Grams.

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Ruike P128-SB Flipper Folding Knife

The Ruike P128-SB is a strong blade, 3.5 mm in thickness and made of 14C28N stainless steel, features a finely tapered tip, which is ideal for cutting, and piercing. Crafted almost exclusively of Stainless Steel, this simple yet elegant knife is of utmost quality. The neat black stonewashed metallic body is complimented by little details making this an exquisite EDC pocket knife. The frame lock is additionally enhanced by a “Beta Plus” lock which is more reliable and secure in preventing accidental blade closure. Weight 159 Grams.

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